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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Forex Tracer


First of all I was really impressed by the quality of the ForexTracer website design. "The guy who made such professional graphics could have really great product" was my first thought... The top "backtest" image on the website looked really promising and I decided to make a test purchase to try this new expert advisor myself.

"Too Good To Be True?" asks the creator of the new "Forex Tracer" system. Yes, too good.. Indeed the system is a total crap, as many other system available online. After purchase you get a small file with poor 1 page "instructions" + EA copy. I decided to perform a backtest to see if the screenshot on the website is fake or not. I can confirm the screenshot is not fake. The system really worked fine ... in 2007.. oh, I guess we are too late to get our millions with Forex Tracer because in 2008 the system does not perform good. And if you backtest to 2004-2006 you will also see that system was a total looser. So as a matter of fact the creator just optimized his parameters for strong bullish trend in 2007 so it performed really well...on history. Take a look on the backtest of Forex Tracer system

Click to enlarge the image To good to be true... too good...